We are three grad students Andrea, Kaylee and Sinéy. We are all studying some aspect of science and we have a lot of opinions; some are, hopefully, right.


My name is Andrea Hanke and I am pursuing a Master of Science degree, learning about the Dolphin and Union caribou herd from hunters in Kugluktuk, Nunavut. I’m kind of an odd-ball to be found in a Faculty of Veterinary Medicine because I’m more interested in what a person says, how they say it, and how that information is situated within a knowledge system. But, I’m investigating caribou, so I still belong!

For you to understand my perceptions and way of knowing, it is important for you to understand where I come from. My family is mostly German; 3 of 4 of my grandparents moved to Canada. I was raised in London, Ontario with my older sister by my mom and dad and with help from my grandparents. When I graduated high-school, I moved to Thunder Bay, Ontario to study two things: nature science and outdoor recreation, parks and tourism. I was privileged enough to graduate from Lakehead University an Honours Bachelor of Outdoor Recreation and a Bachelor of Science, and then I moved to Calgary to study at the University of Calgary.

More importantly, I was educated about the land when I was living in Thunder Bay. I learned about the impacts of human dimensions on decision making; about the injustices Indigenous People have suffered, and continue to suffer, by the Canadian Government; about how I connect to others, animals, and land. If you continue to read, I’ll share some of my thoughts with you and why I think it is important to critical think about everything, especially the things you do every day.



I’m Kaylee, currently working on a PhD in the faculty of Vet Med (but no, I am not becoming a vet). I have a background in health care and molecular microbial biology. Probably due to this background, I have a fascination with pathology and infectious diseases. I am now working on finding anticoagulant proteins in parasitic worms that eat blood.

My specific background, particularly as part of the emergency health care system and my personal background, has also informed my views on the shortcomings of society. I think that science and knowledge should be accessible by everyone, regardless of  background, education level, or any other ‘reason’ that may be used to exclude. Our institutions have been built to cater to the privileged and I’m hoping to help change this.

Hey everyone,

My name is Sinéy. I’m an Irish girl living in Canada. I have always loved all things science and love to find out the why of everything.

I have a BSc in Biomedical Science, MSc in Global Health and working on a PhD focusing on soil-transmitted helminths.

My main areas of interest are in health-related sciences and the crossover of biological and social factors in health. But I have an interest in most areas of science and can be easily intrigued by anything.

Except for golf. Golf does not intrigue me at all 😛